ROKS Addresses for converting to PHP or USD

If you have received ROKS in your SparkPoint, MathWallet, or Metamask wallet, you can cash it out through Palawan Economy, Palawan Express, ML’Huillier, or Cebuana. (Your sender may have chosen for you; in which case you should use the fifth burn address “predetermined”. This fifth option is not available at the moment.)

PartnerDeposit AddressNotes
Palawan Economy0xB7384fDa2A872f215bb094b5aa7c6870d9153cbcP50 fee
Palawan Express0x0e2738AFa62287D36561Af672A3658a8887222b2P160 fee
ML’Huillier0x6d9FC6891f490f731D3876f1120b643FB6A6b9AcP160 fee
Cebuana L’Huillier0x72806CfE4C1AC883e31AA47cD525694Ee3b3AbDfP160 fee
Predetermined0xe11dA3A34147B80f1FcabD7c1e78396AfC2C1BC5Do not use.

Bloom Remit charges an additional 1% fee; so for example, if you are receiving about $100, the ROKS you send will be reduced by about $2 if using Palawan Economy.

These addresses are for use by remittance recipients only. If you received your ROKS in any way other than remittance, Bloom Remit will not know about you and will not be able to get your cash. In general, if you did not receive your ROKS from abroad, you can’t use any of these burn addresses to cash out. We will provide another way for you to cash out soon.

Be very careful when copy-pasting any of the above addresses. You could lose all your money if you make a mistake! We are working with SparkPoint so that you can do this very easily, securely, and with no possibility for error. Coming soon.

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