Do You Receive Money from the US?

Do You Receive Money in Pesos, or US dollars?

If you receive it in Pesos, PLEASE know that you are losing as much as 1% because of the “spread”. 👎👎

The Spread Explained...

Let’s Say Your Relative in the US Sends You $300...


Most remittance companies use an exchange rate that can be as much as 2% less than the market exchange rate.

Let’s say today’s exchange rate is P55 for $1. 📅

At a 2% spread, your current remittance provider is exchanging each US dollar to only P53.90.💱

So instead of receiving P16,500 from your relative, you are only getting P16,170..

That’s a DIFFERENCE of P330.


Say no to the costly 2% spread that remittance companies charge using the all-new ROKS Wallet App.
Fast, Easy & Secure

You don’t have to lose that much money.

 Now, with the ROKS Wallet app, you can receive a US dollar equivalent right in your phone. What is ROKS? It is a “stablecoin”. What is a stablecoin? You can search for it on the internet, but here all you need to know is that you can cash it out, anytime, in four ways. 

Easily Cash Your Funds, Anytime, in Four Ways:

1. Pick up PHP from any Palawan location (the fee for this is P50 fixed).

2. Cash out with your GCash Wallet (the fee for this is only P30 fixed).

3.Cash out with your Maya Wallet (fee: also P30 only).

4. You can deposit to most banks (fee: P100 fixed).

Interested In Keeping More of Your Money?

Using ROKS is Simple & Easy

1. Download and install the ROKS Wallet App onto your cell phone.   

2. In the registration form, you just need to provide the email address associated with your sender in the US. We will inform them that you prefer receiving money through this method.

3. Your Ready to Receive your funds and easily cash it out. That’s it!

Get Started Now By Downloading the ROKS Wallet App!
ROKS is cutting out the middleman by using cutting-edge technology, which will help you get more money from your transfer.
The future of money is in your hands.

Transfer Money With 100% Transparency.

Your sender can confidently test that this system operates effectively by sending a small payment of only $3 or $5 should suffice to determine whether this money transfer system works as advertised or not. You're sure to find that the minimal risk taken is well worth the reward!

Lowest Fees

No Hidden Fee​s

No Surprises

No Middlemen or Big Banks!

Get Started By Downloading the ROKS Wallet App!

Rock Stable makes it easy to send and receive money. We’re changing the way people in the Philippines receive money. Transfers are now cheaper and more transparent than ever!  

Get Started Now By Downloading the ROKS Wallet App!
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